Critical Thinking - A


  • English Literary Analysis

  • Math/Logic

  • Physical Education

  • Latin (Gr. 7-9)

  • JK - Gr. 9



  • Geography and History;

  • French (Grammar, Spelling & Literary Analysis)

  • Physical Education

  • JK - Gr 9



  • Sciences (taught in French) 

  • Nature Study

  • Physical Education 

  • Mass 

  • JK - Gr 8

*NEW - FALL 2020*
Full-Time PreK


  • Limit 5 children in class

  • Full-Time Program Only


  • Christmas & Spring Concert

  • Fundraisers

  • Community Activities & Parties (ie. All Saints' Day).

Critical Thinking - B


  • Math/Logic 

  • English - Grammar

  • Physical Education

  • Catechesis

  • JK - Gr. 9



  • Writing skills (Fr/Eng)

  • Visual Arts 

  • Music Appreciation 

  • Theatre

  • JK - Gr 9

J/S Kindergarten


  • Full-time OR Hybrid

  • Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

  • The Montessori Practical Life  

  • Phonics (Fr/Eng)

  • Hands-on Math

  • Sciences (Fr) 

  • Social sciences (Fr) 

  • Physical Education 

  • Writing (Fr/Eng)

  • Learning & Activity Centres 

  • Arts

Field Trips

Several times a year, the school goes on exciting field trips such as the Canadian Museum of Nature!


Monday - Friday

Pre-K to Grade 8

ASM is pleased to offer Catholic families full-time education options for Kindergarten to Grade 8 from September to June.


Students attend Monday-Friday for the full day and receive the benefits of the entire ASM curriculum program outlined on this page.


Monday - Friday

JK to Grade 8

(no Fridays  for Gr. 9)

At ASM, each day of the week is given a particular focus or theme which allows the school to support full-time students while also welcoming part-time ("hybrid") students who select between 1-4 full days of the week to attend.


The programs at ASM act as a supplement to a home-based education program already administered by the students' own family (ie. homeschooling, distance education, etc).


Options include the Critical Thinking, Investigation, Artistic, and Exploration days with limited spaces available depending on enrolment.


The JK/SK program loosely follows the "themed day" programming while maintaining their own schedule of learning independent of the older grades.

NEW in 2020/2021, hybrid options for Grade 9 on Mon-Thurs.



Trimestered Evaluations

All students receive three report cards throughout the year. Regular evalutions and projects help teachers and parents communicate and demonstrate learning by the student.


You're welcome here!

All students are invited to participate in school-wide activities such as field trips and special event days both at our location in Limoges, ON and to places in the nearby Ottawa region.


A strong sense of community is something ASM is proud to offer its students - an especially welcome feature for families seeking a safe Catholic environment for their children expand their social circle and build their group participation skills.


Both full and part-time students are required to wear a uniform (made affordable with a variety of options through Old Navy).

Program Options

Days offered and content are subject to change. Please contact us for our most up-to-date course offerings.

© 2020 by Academia Stella Maris, Limoges ON, Canada

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